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Dog Hotel

We Have The Fun Your Social Pup Needs!

Keep Tabs of your pup through our Instagram


The very best Dog daily Daycare, the puppy experience, Dog Hotel, Grooming, and accessories in Harlem, NYC. More than a decade of professional pet care.  Dogs participate in a  stimulating and enriching crate-free Safe, comfortable environment with an Outdoor space as well as Large playrooms to roam around freely with its fur friends or relax after a playtime session on our orthopedic beds. Always supervised with the utmost loving devotion. Meanwhile you can always keep tabs of your dog through our Instagram daily updates. Family-owned-and-operated business; offering a thoughtful, and personalized touch.

Undivided enriching attention, tons of safe fun.

Dog cage-less, clean, stress-free experience for your fur-baby.

Cage-less, real dog beds, 24/7 supervision, comfy, loving, closed attention.

We look forward to meeting your pup and you!

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